Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital

Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital (IEH) was originally established as Isra Eye Hospital in September 1990 in the Community Centre of Memon Goth Malir Karachi. In January 2002 the structured Residency Training Programme was launched as the hospital was raised to the status of Isra Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology. The hospital is distinguished by its high quality tertiary level care at sub-specialty level including vitreo-retinal surgery and is a 60 bed facility spread over a floor area of 55,000 square foot. Besides this, residential accommodation is available on the campus for house officers and technicians. Some medical and paramedical staff reside on the campus.

Sightsavers has been supporting ISRA foundation to facilitate a district comprehensive eye services programme in Kharan. Similarly, a full fledge paediatric eye unit and a low vision clinic have been established with the support of Sightsavers. Very recently during 2009, Sightsavers also supported the construction of a two story academic building block for Isra school of Optometry, which is now catering for the training of more than 200 students of optometry. Al-Ibrahim and Sightsavers are also working collaboratively for the community based diabetic related blindness control programme since 2006.

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