Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education

In Pakistan, the onus for education of children with disabilities rests with the Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) which is part of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Special Education (MoSW&SE). DGSE is responsible for the establishment and running of special education schools and centres. Sightsavers and DGSE worked initially together with the Federal Directorate of Education to test and develop inclusive education before venturing with Ministry of Education. Now DGSE has been developing a national proposal for two inclusive schools in each district of Pakistan.

The National institute for Special Education (NISE) works as a resource centre for different trainings under DGSE. Sightsavers sensitised DGSE to conduct a review of capacities and courses offered at NISE. A committee has been constituted, where Sightsavers is represented, to review the courses and capacity of the centre to meet the objectives of the National Plan of Action for people with disabilities.

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